Friday, June 19, 2009


People, let's forget that I've ever mentioned anything about my interview today, okay? Cause it SUCKS big time. Wasting my energy and my effort of beautifying myself as early as 0900hrs!!! PLUS I'm wearing HEELS, 3 1/2 inch to be exact. Just imagine the pain I have to bear after walking from one end to another...only to fill up a fucking form and wait for another week or two before they decide if I'm worth the interview! Shit, man! I feel like my preparations goes down to the drain. I'm soooooo pissed! Bila aku call semalam x cakap plak kena isi borang jer. Kalau aku tau x koser aku berlawa lawaan di pagi yang hening. Dah la kena naik bas, abis luntur mekap aku. Len kali cakap la awal2, x menyusahkan aku bahalul!

Sial sial dan siaaaaaaaaaaaaal!

Fuck la korang!

I know I'm mencarut but who cares? I dun give a damn! Ada aku kesah? Cak cak cak cak cak cak cak.....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've Missed A Lot!

Okay people, I might have to close this blog due to lack of time (and money) to update...time - because I am busy (with other things a.k.a daily chores) despite of being jobless rite now, money - well, re-read JOBLESS, hence I could not afford to do updating at cyber cafes. However, do not fret, I'm just considering my options. If I shut this blog of mine, I'll create another. One door closed, another will open.

Oh, by the way, I'm updating at home (hooray for my cuz & her laptop with broadband thingy!)

I'm going for a job interview tomorrow. I'm done being jobless and penniless and bored with nosy people asking me if I've found a job yet. To be honest, it's about time for me to get up back on track. I missed working life, although I must admit I'm not quite ready to leave the comfiness of being a jobless person. Ah...the bliss of waking up late in the morning, not having to rush here & there, no stress, no deadline to meet....I mean, who wouldn't want that? Then again, I hate being broke and having no money so I must get a job. When it comes to money, there's no contest.

Well, must get some sleep now. Don't wanna wake up with puffy eyes and dark circles...that won't do me any good for tomorrow's interview, right?

Till then, tata!