Friday, June 29, 2007

Confirm or Not?


Yesterday I was told that I might be going to Johore Bahru next week (5 July to 9 July), to represent my company in Cuti Cuti Malaysia Travel Fair at JB City Square. I'm quite excited, since this is my first visit to JB (even if I know I'm not going for a shopping spree - too bad). Up to now, I'm still not sure if it's a sure thing or not sebab they will look at the budget first. However, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I called Lydia (exotic adventure), asking if she goes to Johore. If she goes, I could save on cabbing & hotel cost (share cab & room, to be exact). Good news and bad news - good news: she's going, bad news: she's sharing her room with someone else. "Kau lambat la moi, tu la kau tia kol sia awal-awal..." she said. Oh well...maybe next time.

Anyways, life is pretty boring these few days. Maklum lah belum gaji lagi. Besides, I'm still single, most my friends are married so it's quite difficult to hang out like we used to some times ago. *sigh*, how I missed them so so so so so much! Received a call from Lai yesterday. She wants to take me out today but I can't make it - I'm working. Told her we'll go out next week instead on my off day. We'll work it out later.

Remember my dream guy? Not the list as in my previous post, but the guy that I laid my eyes on. From now on, I'll call him Tea. Dont ask me why, I just felt like calling him Tea. Last nite I saw Tea talking with a girl. Not the kind of talk you can call intimate, but still makes me wonder if they're in a relationship. I felt a sudden discomfort when I saw them together. Am I jealous? Well, maybe a little bit cause I wish Tea could talk to me like he did with that girl (huhuhuhuuu..). Wargh! I hate this! Why can't I think straight if he's around? I mus'nt weaken, I must'nt weaken, I must'nt weaken...oh God, he just passed by, flashing his killer smile at me! Is this a coincidence or what? Suwey! So much for chanting. :P

I guess I have to stop right here. I need to recover for a while. By the way, wish me luck for my JB trip. Who knows if Mr Right is waiting for me. Shit, there he is again! I'm lost! Disoriented! Gotta go calm myself! Till next post, TataTitiTutu


Sunday, June 24, 2007

The List 3 : My Jejakas Idamanz....

Hi guysz...

Straight to the point, let's check the next episode of my list. Today, it's all about guys, guys, guys! So I wanna share my Jejakas Idamans with you guys. This is also to proove that I have a great taste in man (probably the reason why I'm still single). Kenapa? Tak percaya aah? Okay, Ko tengok la gambar jejakas kus as follows (in ranDom order)


First saw him on Gilmore Girls, did'nt like him one bit. I was gugugagaing over Jared Padalecki at that time so I completely ignored Milo's potential to be the next hottie. As he grew mature, so does his looks. I'm totally breathless when I saw him in Heroes cause he looked so...different from his Gilmore Girls day. Love you Milo!


He's my favourite in 'NSYNC from the beginning (I Want You Back..lalalalala). He's got a powerful voice too! I was under his spell when I saw 'NSYNC videoclip - GONE. He's totally HOT with his wavy hair and well-toned body. Even if he's career don't really shine like Justin, he's always be in my heart. You'll always have my love, J!


I dont care if he's dating Linda Onn! He's HOT! He's got the 'LELAKI MELAYU SEJATI' Look. Although in my opinion his shoulder's too broad, but that does'nt degrade my liking in him. His personality, his charisma, his background...whew, so son-in-law material. When my mom bugged me with the 'when will you get married' type of question, my answer is 'Tunggu Fahrin meminang..'. Automatically my mom will keep quiet. So I can say Fahrin is my Knight in Shining Armour. You're my hero, Fahrin...


This one I dah cop jadi laki! I booking okay! Ada yang jealous? Menyampah? I don't care! I don't care if you wanna say that I'm perasan or watever. Kalau ko menyampah, jangan baca blog aku. Mekaseh. So, this cutie pie memang menjadi kegilaan aku. I really like his face, his personality yang sempoi but smart. I know he's quite manja tapi dia best. Kalau cuddle mesti best ni..hehehe...anywayz, aku memang chentakan AKO MUSTAPHA (dia cinta aku ke tak? heheheh)

First saw him in Cold Blood Warm Heart. Masa tu dia putih melepak lagi, bibir pun merah menyala gitu. Hidung mancung, body jangan cakaplah. But ramai orang cakap yang he's snobbish. Ah, gasaklah. Snobbish knobbish, he's still HOT. . Dalam ramai- ramai Hongkies punya pelakon, aku rasa dia yang paling handsome (Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok, Jimmy Lin sudah out of list sebab sudah kertu). Wajib di tayang kepada umum kalau dia jadi boyfriend aku (mati la berangan!). NGO OI NEI, AH KOO!


Me and my aunt memang crazy over this guy. What a handsome face he have. Just look at him; hidung mancung, dagu lekuk, mata sexy, bibir sexy...I wonder if he's a good kisser *wondering*..Hmmm...*smile*. I really wanna thank my Mom coz she's the one who brought this Japanese video tape entitled Beach Boys, starring Yutaka & takeshi Sorimachi. So basically dia yang introduce me to Yutaka. From that moment, there's no turning back. Jatuh hati sejatuh-jatuhnya with him...feeling giler you!. Aishiteru, Takenouchi-sama


Do you remember this handsome face? No? Let me give you a hint - The New Adventure of Robin Hood. Got it? It was back in 1999 or 1998 if I'm not mistaken (we have'nt installed our Astro yet) and the programme aired on TV3 every Thursday at 2100 or 2130. And yes, we've got our butt glued to the couch every Thursday, drooling over him (walaupun dalam ramai ramai ni dia yang paling 'kertu'). Sampai mimpi jadi Maid Marion, okay! Kelas gitu. You're my Prince Charming, Matt!


I am so lucky to be a CSI's buff coz I found this hot Latino in CSI Miami. He's sooo yummylicious! With his tanned skin, toned body, gorgeous eyes and sexy lips...he won my heart. I like his voice, his walk his persona...kinda make me stunned whenever I laid my eyes on him. Besides, don't they always said that Latino's have the best butt in the world? Te Amo, Adamito!


First saw him in Drive Me Crazy. He played Chase Hammond along Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina The Teenage Witch). He's cute and charming. Basically aku fell in love with his character - Chase Hammond. Then I never saw him again in movies, sitcoms or TV programme so I played DMC over & over until I memorized the whole dialog. I thought I hit a jackpot when I saw him on Entourage & The Devil Wears Prada - I'd practically jumping like crazy! And best of all, he still keep his wavy hair just the way I like it!LOVE YOU ADRIAN!


I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!!!! Nah ambik kau declaration of love yang melampau katanya. I don't give a damn kalau aku di kutuk. He's my favourite of all, the one and only ORLANDO BLOOM. Dari LOTR sampai Pirates, he's still number one in my heart. Kalau dia jadi boyfriend aku, wajib di tayang seluruh dunia dan sumpah akan setia sampai mati (over kan statement I?). Whatever it is, you're the best, ORLY!

There you have it, senarai jejaka hot menurut pandangan aku. Memang meletops abis diorang kan? Tapi it's not the end of it coz there's more hottie in my list. I'll keep posting in my future entries.

For those who'd like to share your thought on my hottie, you're more than welcomed. But remember to leave your name okay! Nama samaran pun boleh, at least better than anonymous. I'd like to know who you are.

Till next post, TataTitiTutu!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The 80's..

Suddenly aku terflash back zaman 80an yang boleh dikatakan zaman kegemilangan in my life. My grandma used to say that era (80's) is 'zaman kuda makan tembaga'. I think I have a nice childhood experience. Zaman 80's and 90's juga we had a lot of TV programme yang di alih bahasa especially Japanese like Akantare, Oshin, Miss Comet, Gaban, Masked Rider, Moero Attack and lot's more. How can I forget the 'Moero Attack' fever in 1990, where all the girls wants to be 'Chun' - the main character. Almost everybody ikat rambut like her, pretending to be the best volleyball player in the universe. Every afternoon at 1630hrs, we'll be stuck in front of the TV, eyes glued forward watching the show. After that, tiada lain activity - VOLLEYBALL TIME. Aku rasa masa tu kami cukup fit sebab tiap tiap petang practice. Oh how I missed my childhood! (Emotional kejap...)

If I could turn back time to my childhood kan best? Teringin aku mau tengok balik gaya aku masa budak-budak dulu. Mesti aku ketawa tu sebab dulu I'm kinda like gangster sikit. Very the garang and tomboyish. Hish...macam bodo ja.

Okay, for those yang still remember Moero Attack, here's the video of it's opening credit. I can't believe i still know how to sing the song after soooo long, and now it's stuck in my head like a faulty CD player (hikhikhik)

Enjoy guys, until next post, TataTitiTutu!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Aku Lambat Pi Kerja ( LAGI) Hari Ni.....

I'll be covering Ronald's shift from 28 June onwards coz he'll be goin' to Penang - Travel Fair. *Sigh*. Terpaksa sacrifice kerja malam lagi walaupun sebenarnya aku tidak rela. Nevermind, I'll be on leave from 3 to 5 July and Ronald have to cover my shift. Fair enough, don't you think?

It's been raining for the past few days and I tahank GOD for that. It makes me sleep like a baby through the nite, what with the air so cold...bilik aku yang panas membara pun rasa macam ada aircond. Woohooo...aku suka! AND my sis slept at my aunt's house for 2 days straight so I have the room for myself, plus, I have the advantage of having our little table fan all to myself! Of course it's only temporary but I'll enjoy it while it last.

Today I've cooked Ikan Rebus Kunyit (lunch cum dinner). Add in a lot of cili padi for a kick. Soooo delicious. I cannot tahan, terus makan as soon as ikan masak. Hirup kuah gilaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Tapau bawa pi office for dinner. Speaking of which, I am late for work...AGAIN! LAst week pun lambat, today pun lambat for almost 30 minutes. My bad, lambat gerak dari rumah. Friday selalunya aku awal jalan coz our bus stop is very near to Masjid so memang crowded every Friday orang sembahyang Jumaat. Bas jarang masuk sebab jalan sempit, penuh kereta so susah bergerak. Normally jam 1200 aku sudah sampai di bus stop but tadi almost 1240 baru gerak dari rumah. Lambat la jadinya.

Tadi juga my Czech group of 6 pax depart balik negeri dia. Sent them off at departure hall, gambar - gambar sikit, then babai dorang. No, I wont post those pictures here coz I don't look good in it.

I guess I have to stop now, time to go home. I'll tell you more in my next post. Until then, TataTitiTutu...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thank you!

Thank you so much for those yang bagi comment...but why anonymous? Kenapa ndak bagi your real name? At least I can reply or address you properly next time...
So kalau boleh, sesiapa yang mau kasi komen tu, bagilah nama...don't be shy shy dinosaur to leave your comment and name okay!
I'm not feeling energetic as always. My arms, fingers and muscle are still sore from last nite's activity. Our housing area punya water supply ada gangguan since Monday but yesterday is the worst! We're out of water for almost 1 whole day. Nasib baik ada stok tapi itu pun ala nyawa-nyawa ikan gitu. And oleh kerana tiada air juga, kain baju menimbun berbakul bakul! Once ada air (jam 10 malam okay!), guess who yang dengan ayunya berkain sarung and berbaju T duduk di luar mencuci kain pakai tangan bertemankan nyamuk sehingga tangan beliau sakit, lenguh lenguh, habis lencun tersiram air sabun segala? Yes darlings, it's ME! Tu la sakit sana sini. Jangan heran, kalau kain menimbun aku prefer cuci pakai tangan dari pakai machine. Lebih cepat aku rasa. Tapi merasalah sakit sakit lenguh pelbagai. dan effectnya masih terasa sampai sekarang...aduh...
Aku rasa setakat ni dulu la. Mau menaip pun ndak larat sudah. To be continued in my next posting...TataTitiTutu....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The List 2

I'm 40 minutes late to work today. My bad, last nite I slept at 3 a.m. coz chatting up with my cousins. Akibatnya mata aku yang ayu dan lawa jadi bengkak and kuyu..huhuhu...
Okay, yesterday I've posted the list of my fav foods. So today, let's see the list of my fav. movie of all time:-
1. White Chicks
2. Hot Chicks
3. Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone
4. Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secret
5. Harry Potter & The Prisoer of Azkaban
6. Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire
7. Narnia
8. Lemony Snicket & The Series of Unfortunate Events
9. Ice Age
10. Ice Age 2
11. Sister Act
12. Sister Act 2
10. Lord of The Ring : Fellowship of The Ring
11. Lord of The Ring : The Twin Tower
13. Lord of The Ring : The Return of The King
14. Pirates of The Carribean : Curse of The Black Pearl
15. Pirates of The Carribean : Dead Man's Chest
16. Shrek
17. Shrek 2
18. Shrek The Third
19. Hide and Seek
20. Tale of Two Sisters
21. The Princess Diary
22. The Princess Diary2 : Royal Engagement
23. The Animal
24. Mr Bean : Ultimate Disaster
25. Buli
26. Buli Balik
27. Baik Punya Cilok
28. Sumo-Lah
30. Senario Lagi
Chups, setakai ini dulu. Yes, I'm a movie addict. If you wonder why Pirates of The Carribean : At Worlds End is not in my list, jawapannya mudah saja. Sebab aku belum tengok lagi...huhuhuhu...Bila aku sudah tengok haruss...masuk dalam list aku, don't worry.
Camera aku still rosak. Dunno what's wrong. Next week baru hantar repair. Haiyaaa...duit lagi.. (*sigh*)
Anyhoo, I'm a little bit off track today sebab not enough sleep and teringat bilik yang berhamburan macam tongkang pecah. Sabar saja la...apa boleh buat. That's how it'll be kalau ramai orang di rumah (my nenek's and cousin's malam ni baru pulang). So sementara tu I have to be very...very...patient walaupun I'm not comfortable with the mess in my room. Bertuah punya cousins kan..menyemak pandai, mengemas hampeh!
I guess that's all for now. I'll be posting again tomorrow. Until then, TataTitiTutu!
p/s Tadi aku dapat tips dari guest, RM50.00 gitu. Macam tau tau ja aku hampir pokai..hehe..Alhamdulillah, rezeki jangan di tolak....hikhikhik...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The List

Hey y'all!
Aku kachiwa coz semalam my plan to watch Pirates terpaksa di postponed sebab we have visitors last nite. My grannies came along with my cousins, esok baru balik. Dalam kachiwa tu aku happy juga sebab lama sudah my grannnies ndak tidur rumah. Why grannies instead of granny? Let me tel you the story. My Grandpapa (or Babaji as we called him) ada 3 wives. First one is my real Grandma (or Mamuk as we called her), Maria Enggang. My dad, Azni Abd Hamid, is the eldest, then my aunt Ruhaini, then Uncle Suhaini a.k.a Encho and youngest on is Aunt Rodzanee (or Bubu a.ka Masee as we called her). After 4 children with Maria, they divorced and Babaji married Maria's sister, Jamiah. We called her Mamuda (originated from Mak Muda). With Jamiah, he has 3 children. Aunt Suhani (Noni), Aunt Mahani & Uncle Azlanee (Jani). Then, Babaji kahwin lagi satu, orang Kajang, Noraini (we called her Nenek Ani). They have no children together, but Nenek Ani ada 5 children from her previous marriage (Salwa, Nasir, Mazwin, Ollie - dunno his real name, though and Shahira a.k.a Girl) and they've adopted 2 boys - Feroz & Fariz. After Babaji passed away, Nenek Ani balik Kajang but selalu juga dia datang visit kami. My grannies punya relationship pun very close with one another. No gaduh gaduh or jealousy. Dari aku kecil sampai sekarang aku ndak pernah dengar atau nampak yang diorang ni bergaduh. Tolong menolong lagi. How sweet is that?
Ok la, terlari topik pula. I'll tell you more of my family's story next time. Actually I wanna let you guys know about my list which consist of anything...I mean it could be the list of my fav singer, fav movie, handsome guy according to me, best song, best tv show, best cartoon, etc..etc. I'm sure most of us ada list masing-masing, so what I will do is post the list from time to time. For a start, let's see my fav food list:-
1. Daging Taucu (sendiri masak)
2. Ikan Taucu (my mom masak)
3. Bergedel (makanan Pakistan-Aunt Mahani masak)
4. Roouti & kari kacang hijau (makanan Pakistan juga- my mom masak)
5. Mc Donald's Quarter Pounder (obviously Mc D la)
6. Daging Dendeng (Mamuda masak)
7. Nasi Minyak (Mamuda or sendiri masak)
8. Nasi Ayam (mesti yang di KK Plaza atau Peppermint punya. Lain punya aku reject)
9. Ngiu Chap (Kinabalu Coffe house punya)
10. Chocolate Cup Cake (Bits & Bites)
11. Tom Yam (Wan Wan)
12. Soto Campur (Kedai Kopi Happy)
13. Rojak (Kedai Kopi Happy juga)
There you have it, ladies & gentlemen. My fav food siap dengan sepa masak and tempatnya sekali. For those yang tidak tahu apa itu Roouti, it's basically macam parata or nan tapi very soft. Cuma guna ghee, tepung & air tapi mau uli baik punya supaya lembut. Pas tu bakar di kuali leper (we call it Tawah). Then cicahnya kuah kari kacang hijau. This kacang hijau di rebus sampai empuk then tumis sama kari. Kalau suka boleh campur minced meet. Paling bagus dimakan masa sahur. Cukup mengenyangkan, tidak rasa wo lapar satu hari. Tu la everytime puasa memang selalu kami sahur pakai roouti n kuah kari kacang hijau. Kalau mau resepinya just e-mail me at okay!
Lapar la pulak. Tadi I went out skejap to tapau lunch = Ayam Rendang & Nasi. Ndak lalu aku tengok sayur dia that's why beli ayam n nasi ja. Boleh la isi perut.
Okay..gua mau Bon Appetite dulu. Kalau rajin after this I post lagi. Till next post, TataTitiTutu...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Same old, same old

Woke up at 0900hrs, terus kemas rumah. Malas masak, thank GOD lauk semalam (Ikan Goreng + sambal belacan = YUMMY!) masih ada. Reheat it, then I went to kedai beli barang sikit. Makan sambil tengok The Nanny's re-run. Pas tu aku angkat kain. 1200hrs, ready to go to work.
The above happened today. Actually it happened everytime when I'm working on afternoon shift, except on some Saturdays and Sundays when my sisters home. Ada juga kawan coz selalunya I'm all alone.
Two days ago I watched Shrek 3. It's hillarious! Especially the Donkey and Puss In Boots. Ndak boring walaupun tengok berkali-kali. Malam nanti mau tengok Pirates of The Caribbean : At Worlds End. Besok la aku bagitau my opinion on this one. Kesian kan..beru sekarang aku ada chance mau tengok Pirates..orang lain maybe boring sudah cerita pasal pirates. Owh, waddahell! Yang penting aku dapat tengok. Ahoy matey! Aye aye!
Ok, here's my list of movies yang aku mau tengok (akan datang). Just a short list, but it'll grow longer in future :-

1. Harry Potter & The Order of Phoenix

2. Muallaf

3. Dukun The Movie (kalau kena release balik)

4. Evan Almighty (if it's not banned in Malaysia)

5. Knocked Up

6. Ratatouille

7. 1408

8. Ocean 13

9. Surfs Up!
Cuma dua Malay movie yang aku mau tengok. Surprise? Don't be. Sebab I'm very selective when it comes to Malay movie. Unless, if it's Afdlin's product mesti aku tengok sebab his idea is refreshing. Although lawak dia tak semua orang faham. It takes a genius to understand a genius, got it? hehehehe...
I have high hopes for Muallaf. From what I've heard and read in magazines and papers and blogs (and gossipers all over the place), it's gonna be a good one. AND speaking of Muallaf, new controversy has sparked when Sharifah Amani @ Nani shaved her head! It's true, she did it. What a brave young girl. Okay, I'm not 100% setuju with her action but it's her hair and her decision. Here's the picture of bald Nani:-

Picture courtesy of
Heboh satu Malaya pasal Nani yang membotakkan kepala beliau sekaligus mengorbankan rambut beliau yang cantik mengurai itu (bahasa...). Memang shocking sebab mula mula aku ingat gimmick ja or dia pakai latex mask di kepala. Rupanya she's botak fo real. Aku ndak berani la komen panjang panjang pasal benda ni sudah jadi isu agama. Everyone knows that isu agama ni very the sensitive so I rest my case.
Anyhoo, baru kejap tadi jejaka idamanku lalu di depan...lama juga aku ndak nampak dia ni. At least lepas juga rindu mau tengok muka dia yang kiut miut tu. Heh, jiwang siut! Ndak sia sia aku bermekap ari ni kan...hehe...
Sekarang aku sedang plan mau makan apa for dinner. It's not easy to cari makan here at the airport, maklum la sedang renovation. Kantin yang ada dulu pun sudah di hapuskan and we were left with crappy restaurant & the only fast food available. KFC, The Mouth Restaurant (the so-called elegant restaurant yang makanannya rasa macam muntah hanjeng tapi mahal mau mampus), and KKIA Cafe yang petang cuma jual kuih yang almost expired. Tell me my loyal readers, DI MANAKAH KEADILAN?
Rasanya that's all for now. Tomorrow I'll be busy coz ada client dari Czech Republic datang to settle payment and book tour baru for his group. Ini pun masalah juga ni sebab they cannot make up their mind, selalu ada last minutes changes. Some wants to go water rafting, ada yang mau Island Leisure. Dunno which is which, besok baru finalize. I want to prepare myself physically and mentally for the battle tomorrow. Wish me luck okay!
Till next post, TataTitiTutu...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Fell In Love...

OMG! I fell in love! Tapi bukan love at first's love at first heard (hahaha...ada ka love at first heard). I was watching Sure Heboh at TV3 a moment ago and heard this guy by the name of Taufik Batisah sedang menyanyi and goes 'WOW! He CAN sing really well!'. What a lovely song...aku terjatuh chenta with the song! I don't know who this Taufik Batisah is, tapi pernah dengar la nama dia a few times and I never knew he's really good! Well done!

Okay. So today is the last day of my nite shift. Starting tomorrow, I'll be working on morning shift (except on Friday when I have to cover evening shift coz it's Ronald's off day. Rite now our shift memang jump-shift coz Zaiton's on maternity leave. After 2 months we'll be back to normal.

Rite. For you guys who shared the same 'keminatan' for Taufik Batisah, here's the lyric of his USAH LEPASKAN:-

Yang terindah
Terlukis di bibir mu
Tak pernah ku lihat senyum mu
Pudar kah sudah cinta yang ku beri
Bewarna warni segala
Yang dijanjikan ia

Usah biarku bersendirian
Usah biar hati mu di tawan
Usah biar diri ku disini
Seorang menunggu tanpa teman
Usah lepas genggaman tangan mu
Usah biar semua berlalu
Usah terlupa perasaan hati
Pertama kali kita bertemu
Usah lepaskan
Tak mudah ku melupa segala yang berlalu
Ku ingin selalu bersama mu
Usah biarku bersendirian
Usah biar hatimu di tawan
Usah biar diriku disini
Seorang meunggu tanpa teman
Usah lepas genggaman tanganmu
Usah biar semua berlalu
Usah terlupa perasaan hati
Pertama kali kita bertemu

Ku tak peduli apa sebabnya
Engkau dan dia harus bersama
Mendungnya langit bila berkata
Kita patutnya masih bercinta
Usah lepaskan

Yang terindah
Terlukis di bibir mu
Tak pernah ku lihat senyum mu
Sebegitu...'s impossible not to love this song. Syahduuuu ja lirik dia. Which reminds me of my love life...cisss...flashback skejap (quick, delete the mental image!)
Right..I've decided from now on, aku akan kasi masuk lirik lagu yang aku rasa best in my blog. Ndak kira la lagu terkini ka, lagu klasik ka (ewww), apa saja lagu yang aku rasa best aku akan post. Not in every blog. Only if I feel like it ok!
Gotta go. Ada guest with problem. Tell ya bout it later. Until next post, TataTitiTutu (sambil cakap sma gest sempat lagi menaip...multi tasking maa...)

Saturday, June 9, 2007


I guess ramai yang tau cerita Paris Hilton yang masuk penjara, then keluar penjara because of 'health condition', then sentenced to jail, again. Media barat betul betul panas bontot pasal cerita ni.
Mau cakap aku suka Paris, tidak juga. Benci pun tidak juga. Ada ka teda ka aku ndak kisah. Tapi oleh kerana si Paris berita terhangat di pasaran masa kini, aku tulis la pasal dia. Cuba korang tengok gambar dia dalam kereta pak polisi di bawah ni:-
Paris crying like a baby inside police car. Rooting for sympathy?

Eeewwww...gross! Punya buruk! I wonder why won't she cover her face. Maybe mau buat orang kesian sama dia. Patut kesian ka tidak? For me, better dia serve her time so she knows yang walaupun dia kaya raya, salah tetap salah. Mudahan dia insaf...

Semalam aku miss tingu APM sebab asyik bercerita sama my sis yang baru pulang dari Labuan. Seminggu dia holiday di sana. Berabis kami hantam chocolate! Sekali tingu jam pukul 11 sudah. Sempat tingu the last 1/2 hours ja. Ndak pa la tunggu ulangan ja nanti.

Bad aku rosak! Ni pasal my sis n cousins la, berabis bergambar di Labuan sampai camera jahanam. Nampaknya until camera baik baru dapat upload gambar baru. In the mean time, blogging without pictures la jawabnya....

Okay, aku mau dinner dulu. Till next post, TataTitiTutu!

Friday, June 8, 2007

QUE HICISTE (J.Lo-Anthony)

I love the song. I love the singer. So here's the lyric. Enjoy.

Ayer los dos soñabamos con un mundo perfecto

Ayer a nuestros labios les sobraban las palabras
Porque en los ojos nos espiabamos el alma
Y la verdad no vacilaba en tu mirada

Ayer nos prometimos conquistar el mundo entero
Ayer tu me juraste que ese amor seria eterno
Por que una vez equivocarse suficiente
Para aprender lo que es amar sinceramente

Qué Hiciste?
Hoy destruiste con tu orgullo la esperanza
Hoy empañaste con tu furia mi mirada
Borraste toda nuestra historia con tu rabia
Y confundiste tanto amor que te entregaba
Con un permiso para si romperme el alma

Qué Hiciste?
Nos obligaste a destruir las madrugadas
Y nuestras noches las ahogaron tus palabras
Mis ilusiones acabaron con tus farzas
Se te olvido que era el amor lo que importaba
Y con tus manos derrumbaste nuestra casa

Mañana que amanezca un dia nuevo en mi universo
Mañana no vere tu nombre escrito entre mis versos
No escuchare palabras de arrepentimiento
Ignorare sin pena tu remordimiento

Mañana olvidare que ayer yo fui tu fiel amante
Mañana ni siquiera habra razones para odiarte
Yo borrare todos tus sueños en mis sueños
Que el viento arrastre para siempre tus recuerdos

Qué Hiciste? Hoy destruiste con tu orgullo la esperanza
Hoy empañaste con tu furia mi mirada
Borraste toda nuestra historia con tu rabia
Y confundiste tanto amor que te entregaba
Con un permiso para si romperme el alma

Qué Hiciste?
Nos obligaste a destruir las madrugadas
Y nuestras noches las ahogaron tus palabras
Mis ilusiones acabaron con tus farzas
Se te olvido que era el amor lo que importaba
Y con tus manos derrumbaste nuestra casa

Y confundiste tanto amor que te entregaba
Hoy no permito para ti romperme el alma

Qué Hiciste?
Nos obligaste a destruir las madrugadas
Y nuestras noches las ahogaron tus palabras
Mis ilusiones acabaron con tus farzas
Se te olvido que era el amor lo que importaba
Y con tus manos derrumbaste nuestra casa

Till next post....Adios...TataTitiTutu...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Tak Sangka You...

Wow...I never thougt that people would read my blog. The last time I checked, I've had 233 readers already wo! My sincere thanks and huggies to all yang sudi membaca blog gua yang tak seberapa ini. Thank you thank you thank you. Sudi sudikanlah drop some comments okay! Luy y'all!
I'm late for work today. Lambat bangun lah pulok, coz semalam hujan and aku pun tidur nyenyak gila. Akibatnya lambat pigi kerja. Thank GOD it's Saturday, boss is not around. Harap2 dia tidak suddenly muncul coz she's really unpredictable. Pandai datang without warning.
Baru kejap tadi I watched Kaer punya video clip di YouTube. Ala, yang lagu izinkan ku pergi tu. Sedih siut...tetiba mataku berair. Imagine if your loved one passed away, hancur luluh wo perasaan. Teringat masa my dad passed away. People can say life must goes on and I agree on it 300% but you can never forget the pain. It's been 12 yrs since my dad passed away, but the pain is still there whenever we talked about him (Al-Fatihah untuk arwah Baba - Azni bin Abdul Hamid).
Fuh..sentimental sekejap. Tapi sekarang aku geram sebab GAJI BELUM CLEAR!!!! Sudah la I'm broke this month, gaji lagi lambat. Bodo punya management lambat kasi siap pay cheque. Macam ndak tau ja banyak public holiday. Bank -in pun hari Selasa afternoon, 30 & 31 PH Ka'amatan, Friday baru 1st day processing, Saturday PH lagi, Sunday bank off, Monday 2nd day processing so Tuesday baru dapat duit. Wargh! Seksanya menunggu gaji!!! Mati la ikat perut...ada sesiapa yang sudi menderma kepadaku yang bankrupt ini? Kecil tapak tangan, tapak kaki gajah aku sediakan. Hehehhe..
Hmmm..I wanna go lunch. Tapau ja, nothing lavish sebab budget tidak mengizinkan. Gotta go, till the next post. TataTitiTutu!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

I Had A Bad Day...

I've had a bad day since yesterday. Awal pagi lagi sudah bad luck. Sampai office, I realized that I've accidentally left the key in my office the day before. Sudahlah Public Holiday, I'm working morning alone lagi tu! Terpaksa called up our driver and ambil kunci tempat my other workmate. S**T betul! Sementara menunggu I went for a quick breakfast at KKIA Cafe. Ok lah coz masuk kerja pun lambat sikit. After that turun saja dari escalator, saw my boss coming (Wargh! Cuti2 pun mau juga datang...terover rajin!). Double S**T! Nasib baik mood dia bagus, so I just explained what happened and cepat2 jalan tunggu our driver outside. Memandangkan boss masuk ofis terpaksa la membusykan diri dengan kerja (walhal dalam hati teringin main game :P). Sedang gua tekun bekerja, got a freakin' phone call from agent in Kuching. Our driver MIA, tiada orang meet their client upon arrival. Here's how our conversation goes:-
TingTong : Linda!
Me : Err..yes Daph,
TingTong : Why your guy not in the airport aah? My client there oledi! (practically shouting at me)
Me : (Blur sekejap) Okay, let me check where my driver is and...
TingTong : only you want check? Sei la like this! First day oledi mess up one then how?
Me : Okay, if your client is in the airport, I will look for them. Do you have their handphone number?
TingTong : What? You will go and meet them aah? Why only now you say you meet them? Suppose to be earlier on mah!
Me : (gritting my teeth so hard they almost break) Just give me their phone number, I'll give them a call and meet them right away
TingTong : Then what you say to them? You oledi late lor, later if they angry aah I dono how la. Me yang kena marah tu, not you you know!
Me : That's why you better give me their number, I'll locate them and arrange for the transportation...
TingTong : Now only you say arrange transport aah? After you meet them how you explain leh? If like this aah...
TingTong : Oh, okay la in that case the number is ********** . After you find them you better....
Me : (hung up)
Malas aku mau cakap sama orang macam tu. Sudahla aku mau cepat, dia lagi prolonged the conversation. Bodo kayu betul!. Nasib baik aku cepat, dapat juga jumpa client tu. AND fortunately I've called our driver first so by the time I met the client, driver's on the way. Last2 ok juga. Balik office, aku call Azwan (dia ni yang buat assignment for drivers and guides). Tanya dia cerita sebenar. Rupanya dia main cakap saja sama driver, but he did not ammend their assigment. Patut la driver blur bila aku kol marah diorang pasal tidak pick up client from airport. Aku pun slow talk la sama si Azwan. Marah pun tidak guna juga sebab dia ni baru lagi. Nasib baik...kalau tidak siap aku ganyang.
I did'nt call si TingTong after that. Buat hapa aku kol? Nanti ndak pasal pasal naik darah aku. So I just continue my work as usual (pulang jam 5 tepat bcoz my boss masih di ofis...according to my fren pukul 630 baru si boss chow). Sampai rumah, perut buat hal tapi yang siyelnya tiada air pula! Apa punya malang! Tahan saja laaaa.
THEN, hari ini I woke up with a splitting headache. Dalam sakit aku kemas rumah and masak. Luckily cuti sekolah so my sis ada juga tolong sikit. After masak, kelam kabut pi kerja. Sampai ofis sambung buat tugas yang terbengkalai yesterday. Sudah la aku kerja malam, workload pun boleh tahan banyak. Ingatkan kisah malang habis sudah, ada sambungan rupanya! Just 30 minutes ago my mom called bagitau yang malam ni my bro lambat ambil coz he played futsal starts at 2130hrs! Kalau sudah main futsal, entah pukul berapa la dia balik. My mom suruh tunggu saja sampai dia datang, which is I dont know when. Ini bikin panas ni! Tomorrow aku keja pagi lagi tu, mau aku tunggu dia sampai tengah malam? Sorry la! Tonite, jawabnya aku naik teksi. Cis, melayang RM20.00, siyel!
Kesian juga my mom, kena tempias 'marah' aku. Memang dia kecil hati tu coz tadi aku terus hang up the phone. I feel bad, but time hangin satu badan mana fikir tu semua. Nanti aku mau kol dlu cakap bagus2 sama my mom. Pujuk sikit supaya dia tidak kecik hati lagi :) . Walaupun mulut aku jahat, tapi I love my mom more than anything. Cuma aku bukan jenis PDA (public display affection). Sayang pun aku simpan sendiri ja. Geli la mau tunjuk depan orang.
Ok la, I better call my mom. See ya in the next post. TataTitiTutu!