Monday, December 10, 2007

Another Horrid Weekend...(kisah malang yang belum habis!)

Hola peeps!

This weekend is pretty hellish for me. I HAVE (sengaja I put capital letters untuk menampakkan keterpaksaan) to work overtime on Saturday to assist on some matter yang tidak ada kena mengena pun dengan aku. However, oleh kerana aku ni such a good employee aku pun malas nak berkira and tolong mana yang mampu. ‘It’s only gonna take about an hour or so’, they said. Yes, it’s true that the ‘real work’ could be done in an hour. Tapi with all the waiting..and waiting…and waiting…finally habis jam 4 petang. Itu pun belum lunch lagi tau. Me, Yuyu and Yee Ming sampai shivering kelaparan..nak drive pun tak larat so si Animae yang drive us up to nearby Pizza Hut. Ordered Combo meal – 3 personal pan pizza + 1 spaghetti (Animae x makan Pizza)I don’t really fancy Pizza Hut’s pizza, so aku cuma dapat telan 1 small pieces of Super Supreme and 1 small piece of Thai Chicken Pizza. Taste-wise? Boooleh laaa….

After our shitty nice meal we made a move back to office. Tapi aku terus balik. Letih siut! Terbayang keempukan katil ku itu...cannot wait to get home and rest. YET another shitty thing happened. I’VE GOTTA FLAT TYRE!!! Bukan setakat flat, terkoyak carik hancus terus trye aku. I don’t know how it happened and it doesn’t make any sense because aku baru ganti tyre tu about a week ago! (or maybe 2 weeks ago, aku tak ingat). It’s an original tyre so aku tak tau apa masalahnya. To be honest, aku dah broke sekarang. I can’t afford to get a new tyre. So for this few days until pay day (which is just a few days away) I’ll go back to my old routine – naik bas. Nak harap dorang tolong beli tyre baru? Huh, mintak maaf bebanyak. Semua aku kena tanggung sendiri (tapi kalau nak meminjam tak ingat pulak yer).

Saturday nite pula, tetiba dapat call from Animae, informing me about my transaction with FWW ada problem and have to cancel malam tu juga. Hampir2 aku pengsan! Okay, I admit memang part of it was my fault. Cuma aku geram dengan cara Animae explain that thing to me, seolah-olah it’s the end of my career. It makes me feel bad all day and nite. Thank goodness I’ve fixed my fault and being a professional, I managed to control the situation with FWW’s representative. And this morning I went straight to my boss to clear things up before anyone could stain my name. Oops…I did not elaborate any story to save my bottom okay! I don’t mind admitting my mistake IF in fact I was wrong. BUT I will fight ardently if I was right.

Overall, aku rasa aku macam di sumpah aje over the weekend…huhuhuhuhu!

Till next post, TataTitiTutu

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Kisah Seorang Emo...

Semenjak dua menjak ni aku jadi 'bad emo'. Asyik nak mengaaaaaaaaaamuk je. Pantang salah sikit I'll scream and shout. Kesian those people around me, tak pasal2 kena amuk. Ntah lah, my emotions seems to go haywire.

Actually aku emo bersebab. Sebabnya terlalu sukar untuk aku explain. In short - 'Aku Saja Yang Tahu'.

I don't like this. It has to go away.

Syuh! Syuuuuh!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I'm not in a very good mood. I hate it when I'm sad. Feel like going back and curl up in my bed...shut the lights out...roll my curtains down and fall into a very deep sleep. I wanna wake up with a free mind...forget all my problems. I want this pain to go far that it won't reach me anymore.

I wanna feel happy and loved again if I could...but it's seems so far from my reach.

GOD, my life is a mess!

I need a break.......

Saturday, December 1, 2007

First Saturday...

Today is the first working Saturday for us at AHSB RAC. The ill-brained people management decided that we, their slaves precious employee MUST work on Saturday as well. No choice lor...kerja lor...apa boley buat.

The thing is,


Sial! Sial! Siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!



Till next post, TataTitiTutu!

Friday, November 30, 2007


I'll be on duty from 0900hrs to 1500hrs on Saturday. Then balik kampung coz my bro wants to celebrate his 12th birthday di kampung. I betcha mesti havoc on that day...and yang paling busy of all of course la, who else but me! Then I have to rush back to KK on Sunday morning to attend Aunty Salmah's daughter punya wedding. Time belum confirm lagi but I kena jugak rush balik sebab my other bro wanna use my car for his futsal match.

I'm actually quite bengang with my brothers punya perangai. They always took things for granted. I can say that they're not very responsible in anything they do. Thay're rather selfish and arrogant at the same time. Quite typical for a Pakistani blood like us. I really hate the fact that they don't really respect my properties as I respect theirs. They'll use my things as they like without asking for permission. Like last nite, my bro simply jalan using my car without telling anyone where he went to. I'm so fucking pissed! I've just filled up the tank but when I check the car in the morning, it's EMPTY! Can you blame me for being all bitchy at him after what he's done? Merasalah makian super saiya peringkat ke lapan belas.

I don't mind if they wanna use the car. Just be rational and responsible and timbang rasa la sikit. Kereta tu pakai petrol bukan pakai solar power. Lain la kalau kakak kau ni Puan Sri or Mak Datin ada harta berbillion RM..for sure aku x kisah. So, from now on, my bro kena banned from driving my car until he learn the importance of respect. Nak pegi mana-mana, naik bas atau ambik teksi atau suruh kawan ambik. No way I'm gonna let him drive again. That's his punishment for not respecting me and my property.

Am I being too much? I don't think so. I must give him the taste of his own medicine. Face the consequences of his deed.

But whatever it is, I luv you bro! Just remember: Blood is Thicker Than Water. No matter how bad or good you are, you are my bro forever.

Till next post, TataTitiTutu!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I knew I'll be broke before mid December judging from my spending. Plus, I have to replace TWO freakin' tyres that cost me RM140 each. Not to mention daily expenses, miscellaneous expenses, bills, gas, petrol, etc...etc...

This morning itself I spent about 17 bucks on my way to the office. My bus fare is RM2, I bought Ham Chim Piang, Char Koay and Iced nescafe for RM7.30, then my taxi fare to office is RM7. We chipped in for Eddie & Linda's farewell lunch party (cost me RM7 -Rafflesia Chicken Hut.

Pulang nanti pun nak beli lauk lagi. Esok kena isi minyak lagi. *sigh~*

Duit duit...di mana kau duit?

Till Next Post, TataTitiTutu...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Teeny Weeny Mishap

I was on my way to work this morning when it happened. I've never had any problem whatsoever everytime I passed SJ area. I'm also sure that my driving skills are 11 out of 10 (I've got full marks during my driving test) BUT still it happened to me.

There's one selekoh before I turn to the left, heading to my office. So as usual I took my sweet time and turn, suddenly my car terlanggar the curb! There's a loud sound like 'gedebuk' or something but I just jalan...buat selamba padahal my heart dah racing setengah mati! Shit, orang kiri kanan pun tengok semacam tapi my muka still maintain selamba. Dah parking I went and check the wheels...alhamdulillah sport rim aku x bengkok cuma tyre je koyak sikit. Nasib baik dah gaji kalau x harussss aku pengsan!

By the way I'm not feeling so good today. Kepala aku berat semacam and perut aku buat hal pulak. Kang nak pegi doctor la. Maybe aku nak amik MC. Tak larat!

Oh, by the way, my mom's back! Yippie! Gumbiranya aku!

Till next post, TataTitiTutu...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Darn you!

Just came back from Secret Recipe...tapau lunch. I'm so pissed at myself for being a fool! I can't believe I let myself spent RM21.00 on a crappy Chicken Cornish and so-so taste lasagna! The only thing I did not regret buying is the heavenly chocolate cheesecake (RM6.30) yang sedang ku makan ini...yum! Darn you, Secret Recipe! RM21.00...I could stuff my mini fridge with almost a week worth of groceries. Heck, I know what's done is done. Believe me, I will NEVER buy that stupid food again!

Hari ni gaji clear. Petang karang aku nak gi Giant lah. Barang kat umah banyak yang dah abis.

Darn it! Kain pun lom cuci! WARGHHHH!!!!!

Ada ke yang simpati? :((((((

Till next post, TataTitiTutu...

Thursday, November 22, 2007



Dah 3 hari aku jadi macam orang eskimo di office ni. Pakai sweater sampai 3 lapis. I hate centralized air cond! Kena lagi that thing ngam2 atas kepala aku. Kalau cuaca biasa ok lah, aku masih tahan lagi. Ini sudahlah aircond full blast, musim hujan pula tu. Mana tahan beb! lama2 otak aku pun beku.

Hari ni kami ada party sikit di office. Birthday Bash for Oct, Nov & Dec babies. Klu ada masa kang aku upload gambo n storynyer ye..

Suasana kat office ari ni ceria sikit sebab makhluk yang tidak digemari itu tengah cuti. Oleh itu semuanya ceria kat office except for one or two person yang entah kenapa masih lagi gloomy. Period agaknya (hiks..jangan marah).

Gotta go. Sejuk sangat aku x tahan! Brrrrrrrrrr......

Till next post, TataTitiTutu

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Golf Patron Gala Dinner

Date : Saturday, 17 Nov 07
Venue : Magellan Ballroom

I went to the dinner with my colleagues. Dressing glamorously and a bit daring, to be frank. So kisahnya dari tengah hari aku tak makan coz I'm expecting a 'gala' kind of food to be served. Well, when you're paying RM300 a seat you'll naturally assumed that the food's gonna be great. Truth is, we're down with dissapointment. Here's my review on the ~sigh~ foods (sorry no photos of the food):-

Starter : 3 multi flavored mini bread and butter.
(No complains. Nama pun starter kan...)

Appetizer : 01. Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Mango Sauce
(Raw fish? Eeeewwww...tolonglah. Yang aku makan cuma Avocado aje)

02. Quail's Flavored Soup and Lobster Raviolli
(We thought it's gonna be a HUGE serving...maklumlah pembukaan aje dah salmon kan. But no, no huge serving. It's just a bowl of crappy soup with one teeny tiny raviolli filled with 'barely there' lobster's flesh. I guess they're only using one lobster to do the raviolli filling *sigh~*)

03. Lemon/Lime Sorbet
(Again, another dissapointment. The sorbet tasted sickeningly sour to the max! No kidding! I mean, I know it has lime and lemon but takkan takde bubuh sikit gula pun?)

Main course: Rack of Grilled Lamb & Mint Sauce with Mashed Potato and Wonton Mushroom Stuffing
(Major rubbish. HUGE dissapointment. The so called wonton mushroom stuffing is nothing but a dried up mushroom wrapped in a plain wantan skin. Our lambs are raw - totally unacceptable. The only good and edible thing is the mashed potato-itu pun ala-ala je. Most of the guests, including us skipped main course except for Twiggy sebab dia memang prefer rare meat)

Dessert : Cheese cake & chocolate with coffee or tea
(No complaints coz I'm a sucker for cheese cake!)

How could they serve us that kind of food with TYT and Chief Minister as honorable guest? What a shame! Kebanyakan guest complaint pasal makanan x sedap especially the main course. Sampai sekarang aku masih sakit hati and geram tau! Bayar mahal tapi makanan macam sampah! ( yang bayar but still, it's not cheap)

Anyway, enuff about the food. Let's see us in action during our camwhoring session:-

Me & Twiggy....mikikiut konon...

Dua Diva control ayu...

Me n ChaCha men'sabotaj' gambar Linda & Animae

We're happy...even if the food is crappy...

Jac in action

Yeay! Dapat gambo ngan Jac! Ko ado?

AHSB Troupe

Firdaus & me. Ni muka ngantuk ni...0230hrs after clubbing. Supper at Salim Restaurant, Jalan Lintas

After the dinner, kami gi clubbing at The Jugs Pacific. We danced and danced like no one's business. Rasanya kami yang paling riuh malam tu. All the setans terlepas already lor...but still aku masih waras. Yes, I'm a smoker and loves clubbing, but that doesn't mean I drink. Dalam jam 0215 gitu, Twiggy & Sylvia dah intoxicated + kelaparan so we all decided to go to Salim and grab a bite. We car pooled in Damien's minivan.

We left Salim at 330am. Aku sampai rumah almost 4am. It's pouring rain but aku sempat lagi cuci kain sebab we've planned to go to kampung on Sunday. Just imagine la betapa mengantuknya aku tapi terpaksa juga gagahkan diri driving for 30 minute to Papar, then another 30 minutes to kampung. Nasib baik selamat pergi and balik...alhamdulillah!

Rasanya sampai sini je untuk kali ni. Ada masa aku post entry lagi ye. Till next post, TataTitiTutu.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Hi people!

Here's some pictures during HSBC Rugby Street Carnival. Upload just a little sebab malas nak memilih so enjoy the pics:-

Ntah hape yang di tengok sampai terbeliak bijik mata...

The New Zealand Team (kalo x silap le..)

Yee Ming cuba melarikan diri dari di snap oleh ku. Em...that tangan belongs to Sally, whom, by the way trying to grab ayam goreng si Yee Ming..

Packing...packing..mau pulang sudah lor...

Animae & Me, posing sebaik mungkin

Raphael, Yee Ming, Sally & Animae happily smiling for my camera

Animae & Me...with our precious, sinfully delicious VedaBleu ice cream...

Malas aku posting. Nanti kalau mood aku datang baru aku post berjela jela ok!

Till next post, TataTitiTutu....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's time for a confession.

Remember when I told you guys about me leaving PB for AHSB? I was so excited at that time I refuse to let fear crept inside of me. Nover I thought of it, not even for a milisecond of my life. But now, I've gotta admit that this fucking fear-feeling starts to take over me. I'm getting scared day after day by the humonguos responsibilities shouldered on me. I started to question my ability to lead and resolve my job, doubt my decision and started to have clogged brain by the second I step into my office. I can't think, can't do my work properly and so fed up by this situation. WHAT HAPPENED TO ME? Am I jinxed? (Fuck it, brain! I dun believe in that kinda thing!)

Maybe I need a break. Wake up, Azlinda, wake up!

Urgh! I think I need to get away this weekend. Say, balik kampung?


Damn! Even that is hard to think for me! I HATE ME!

Do excuse me...I'm so fucked up I can't think straight. Must stop now or I'll go nuts!


Tull next post, TataTitiTutu!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Pictures...and lots of it!

These pictures were taken last Saturday, 03 November 07 during Palletive Charity Dinner at Magellan Sutera. Enjoy..:-

Animae, trying to bite the paparazzi for taking her picture

Damien & ChaCha. Please take note: Sesungguhnya tangan di hadapan itu adalah kepunyaan si ChaCha and not Damien's. Kang org salah sangka, ada yang putus tunang nanti (lariiiiiiiiikk!!!)

Front: Former Ladies of The Supreme. Back: Yuyu, Animae, Damien, ME!, ChaCha and YB Ricky

Animae, ME!, Yee Ming, Yuyu and ChaCha

Damien, ME! (kenapa aku posing macam tu?), Animae and ChaCha

Animae, Yee Ming, ME! and ChaCha

Orang posing cantik2, but si Animae and YB Ricky semangat patriotik, berdiri tegak la pulak!

The Ladies in action...

Iklan Colgate???

Ermm..we are laughing about *censored* (ChaCha, you know the reason...heheheh)

Yuyu terkena sawan after eating too much Tiramisu...

The Beauties...

And photos below is during my company's buka puasa at Beverly Hotel. Baru sekarang aku ada mood to upload the pics:-

Me looking so serious sebab lapar!

Shuk Jin: Ayark! Don't snap me lar, you nasty pappalazi!

Sebelum melantak, posing lawa2 dulu...

And again...

Peang & his daughter, Mini Peang

Aunty Karen trying to menyogok the Papparazi with ice cream supaya amik gambar dia bebanyak.

Eh, the beauties again? Ketara la kami memaaaang chanteque kan?

Tengok tu, orang jantan kalau melantak memang no 1

Damien to his awek: Betul, sia sungkai sini Beverly. Duduk sebelah Stanley ni...manada dating. Kalau tia picaya, nah ko cakap sama si Stanley..
Stanley: Apa kena mengena sama saya ooo? Bodo punya olang! Mau makan pun susah!

Raphael, Tahir and other guy from Motor (sorry I dunno your name)

Twiggy, Almie and Linda Aloysius

Ursula & Maureen

Part of my colleagues at AHSB: Huuuujung sekali tu Linda S and..maybe Saharika. membelakang baju merah is Sally, to the left is Mimi Candra, Marilyn, Linda A, Karen, Almie, ???, Betty, Ursula and Maureen

In my next post, I'll be loading more pictures from our HSBC Roadshow - The Rugby Showcase at Gaya Street. Keep viewing!

Till next post, TataTitiTutu!

Thursday, November 1, 2007



I'm so tensed! Banyak perkara yang terjadi sejak kebelakangan ni menyebabkan aku sleepless and restless. Semenjak kerja di tempat baru ni, terlalu banyak responsibility yang aku pikul. Sometimes I dun even know where to start. Nasib baik aku ni jenis yang pandai guna otak. Kalau tidak, I'll be stuck and looks stupid. Kena pandai cari jalan to do your work. Yang paling penting, no delays. Paperwork lak bertimbun. Mana nak assign delivery lagi, nak buat schedule lagi, quotation lagi...grrrr....sabar aje la.

Anyhoo, the good news is, aku dah berjaya membeli sebuah kereta! Walaupun it's just an old car (Mitsubishi Lancer 1986), yang penting I can move easily. BTW, keta aku siap ada CD player, aircond and sport rim ok! I bought it at RM4000.00. Cash. No utang2. At least aku x sakit kepala memikir nak bayar bank sampai 7, 9 tahun lamanya. Alhamdulillah...finally ada jugak kenderaan sendiri. Tak lah menyusahkan orang lain...nak ke mana-mana pun aku boleh pegi sendiri. Biar la orang nak kata kereta aku buruk, sekurang-kurangnya...


We'll be participating a Rugby Carnival at Gaya Street tonight, starting from 6pm to 11pm. Khabarnya All Black punya players semua turun padang. Kang aku nak ambik gambar ngan diorang (kalau dapat lah ye). Esok aku nak cuti. Banyak benda aku nak buat. Nak gi pasar, gi daftar sekolah for Azlan and Ajib, pinjam dapur and periuk from my grandma, bayar bills, etc...etc...huh, busy sungguh hidupku.

That's all for now. Monday aku blog lagi. Till next post, TataTitiTutu!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mohon Maaf Zahir Batin...

I know my blog dah bersawang semacam...reason being is: I am very, very, very, very busy with my work...I have no time to update my blog. Seb baik ari ni ada siiiikit free. Dapat jugak aku update serba sedikit.

Okay, the day before raya we all gathered at my granny's house at IP. Buka puasa meriah sungguh sebab everybody's there. The look on my granny's face is priceless...she's just too happy at times like this. No pictures taken sebab busy makan and makan and makan...then kemas2 apa yang patut. We re decorate my granny's place from top to bottom, from front to back. Siap tuh, terus ke dapur for the potong memotong blender memblender goreng menggoreng thingy. Aku tolong sikit sebab ada appointment di saloon pukul 2030hrs. Not me lah, I'm just the driver, yang ada appointment tu is my sisters and cousins. Walaupun saloon tu cuma a few minutes walking distance, nowadays I don't trust them to walk on their own. Not after a lot of kejadians (Manglish ok!) that's been happening, latest is Allahyarhamah Nurin Jazlin(Al-Fatihah & GOD, please forbid that from happening to any of my family members...AMIN).

After saloon, back to the house and continue with our raya preparation. Badabingbadabang, it's almost 3am when we're done with the prep. Pas tu tried to catch our beauty sleep yang cuma 2 1/2 hours...bangun balik jam 0530am and trus masak. My duty is to cook nasi minyak and the other lauk pauk my mom yang uruskan. Selalunya my granny yang masak tapi tahun ni dia tak larat dah, me n my mom yang took over the reign of official chief cook for Hari Raya (and other family related functions). The dishes are Nasi Minyak, Ayam Masak Merah, Kari Tulang, Daging Sambal and Acar Basah. After sembahyang raya, lawat kubur and salam salam semua tu, terus rumah diserang bertali arus. Awal awal tu kitorang plan nak balik rumah awal sikit, dalam jam 3 petang ke, tapi memandangkan keadaan yang busy teramat itu plan changed. Akhirnya, kami sampai rumah dalam jam 7 petang. Rehat kejap,terus zzzzzz........kepenatan dan ke'busy'an makes me forget to snap any pictures di hari raya yang pertama...isk isk isk...

2nd day of raya pula, we're hosting an open house espeially for my non-muslim relatives from my mom's side. Tapi nama pun open house, ramai pula kawan2 adikku yang tercinta itu datang. We cooked Nasi Minyak, Nasi Impit, Ayam Goreng Berempah, Ayam Masak Merah and Daging Kuah Kacang. Ngam ngam siap masak and kemas rumah, tetamu datang. Fuh, sibuk giler sampai ke malam! And as usual, gambar pun tidak di ambil kerana kepenatan yang teramat...

3rd day of raya, again, we're hosting an open house. Kali ni especially for relatived sebelah my dad pula (and friends too). We served them my specialty- Nasi Ayam, Mi Hailam, Ayam Goreng Lada Hitam and Ikan Taucu, as you can see below:-

The lauks pauks...erk...tangan sepa pulak tu?

My mom and my aunt Norma - shy shy tenuk pula dia ni. Dah orang ambik gambo tu pose ajela!

My sis Norizah a.k.a Ija Cantik busy SMS-ing her boyfriend

It's me! Posing cantik depan rumah . Taken before tetamu datang

My granny (Mamuda) and me...

The clearer view of the food...

The hungry crowd...Uncle Encho, cousin Zariq and cousin Amirul

Aunty Kamalia Abdullah @ Cecilia Han

Ini saja gambar2 yang sempat aku ambik sebelum rumahku diserang secara berkumpulan dan tanpa belas kasihan oleh kengkawan adik adik aku. I ended up cooking the 2nd batch of the chicken rice and mee hailam. Korang bayangkanlah, sampai 10 kilo beras nasi ayam aku masak! Anyways, it's a good day. Penat tapi seronok melayan tetamu. Malamnya trus tido mati.....zzzz...kroh kroh kroh kroh....

Itu la kesimpulan for my raya this year in short (kalo buat version yang panjang kang korang x larat nak membaca). Tak larat aku menaip. Esok2 aku update lagi ye. Till next post, TataTitiTutu...