Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy 14th Bday Dear Ngustam....

My lil' bro is 14yrs old 2day!!!

Happy Birthday AZLAN KHAIRUL BIN AZNI! May Allah bless you always!

Ada celebration sikit tonite, but for families only la...majlis kecil kecilan aje.

Klu ada mood, I will snap2 some pictures. Klu x....tau2 sendiri sudah!.

Owh, gatal plak leher ni. Dari semalam asyik batuk2. X sukaaaa!!!!

Dah...x tau nak update mende. C ya in my next post.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Still sad...

For those who are following/reading this blog dah tentu tahu my uncle passed away recently (also my late grandma in March 2009). Since then, I haven't update my blog. I have no desire to do so. Maybe because I'm too sad/too tired, hence the desire to blog kinda slipped away. This year alone, saya telah kehilangan dua insan yang paling saya sayangi...

I wanna write about all bittersweet memories that I once share with them, but I found it too hard to write without crying. Their passing reminds me so much of the day my dad passed away...and instantly I'm back to the traumatic experience again. Not that I'm not 'redha' with fate but somehow it's hard to let go.

I don't know how to describe my feelings rite now. It's too messy, too tangled and too....*sigh*...complicated. However I will always pray for forgiveness from Allah, for my strength, my patience and my iman. I will always pray for the departed souls...may Allah forgive their sins.

And to all my loyal readers (and the new ones too)...sedekahkanlah Al-Fatihah kepada Arwah baba, Azni bin Abd Hamid dan Arwah Pakcik, Azlanee bin Abd Hamid...semoga rohnya ditempatkan bersama org2 yg beriman...Amin...

For my non muslim readers, pray for my grandma, The Late Laura Liew Ah Moi..may her soul rest in peace...

Later ppl!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Al Fatihah....

First & foremost, Al Fatihah for my beloved uncle, Allahyarham Azlanee bin Abd Hamid who passed away on 19 November 2009. He was 33 yrs old. Allahyarham meninggalkan seorang balu dan seorang anak perempuan berusia 1 tahun 1 bulan. Allahyarham merupakan adik bongsu kepada Allahyarham Azni bin Abd Hamid (my dad).

Kami sekeluarga kehilangan seorang insan yang amat di sayangi...

Saya betul2 terasa dengan pemergian arwah...sebab beberapa minggu sebelum dia meninggal dia teringin makan roti pakistan and he asked me to make some for him. memang saya nak juga buat untuk arwah but ada saja halangan sampai arwah meninggal...rasa terkilan sangat sangat x dapat tunaikan permintaan arwah.

However I made the roti on the 3rd day of tahlil...sedekah atas nama arwah. Mudah mudahan diterima oleh Allah SWT.

I am still sad but inilah ketentuan Illahi...

I will update abt this later in my next post. I just wanna clear my head and rest for a while.

Kepada readers, sedekahkanlah Al-Fatihah untuk Allahyarham...

"Oh My Lord Allah, please forgive him and please raise him to the level of those who receive your guidance and please give him a replacement in his line of descendants. Please forgive us and him, oh Allah,Owner of the Universe and please give him space and light in his grave"


Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm on drug...seriously!

Yep, you read it right. I'm on drug, literally. But not that kind of drug la. It's because I'm having a little problem with my hormones, apparently it went crazy in my body (hence the temper!) causing an irregular menstrual cycle. I took a blood test last month, and got the result last week so I went for another appointment at the clinic.

They have to manually write down my number. Something wrong with their numbering machine

I'm actually trying to snap that blinky thing on top, just to show u guys that the numbering does not work. However, since my phone's not working really well since it's screen shattered to million pieces, I have to make do with this pic.

Surprisingly the clinic is quite empty...and I don't really have to wait for long for my turn. in about 15 minutes or so, I'm ready to see my doctor.

Done with check up. Time to get my drug. Those pharmacist are really efficient. Service done in matters of minute.

Got a day MC. I'm really happy! A chance to relax at home at last!

The drug that I have to consume for 10 freakin' days! I need to take this thing to induce my menstruation AND 21 days after my period, I have to undergo another test for my hormone count. Then they'll prescribe me another balance my hormones.

So that's that, my life so far.

C ya!

Tasya's Latest Pics...

Special entry for my niece...Natasya Ayumi. She'll be 6 mts old tomorrow. Love her to bits!

Tasya & Teha

Tasya & her Nenek

Happy strolling in her walker

Woke me up in the morning...

With her mummy yg shy shy tenuk...
That's all...

I'll be back with more updates in a bit.

C ya!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Keep My Promise...

I've promised an update....

So here goes, my life in a week-kasi short cut to sum it all up.

Went to work as usual. Nothing special happened.

Got myself involved in a mess. A rather silly one. Not in a good mood AT ALL. Having trouble sleeping. Apakah itu??? I'm not ready to reveal it just yet. I'll tell u guys 'bout it later...much later.

I'm putting on a brave face getting through the day. No matter what happens, I'm staying strong and determined more than ever. At the ned of the day, everything worked just fine. Crisis over...phew!

The unluckiest day of my entire week and it's all because of one fucked-up online flight booking! It's not even my fault but it cost me RM137.00!!! DAMN U M******* A*******!!!

Start my day fresh & relaxed. Everything is back on track. I'm so relieved that I can breathe easy. Went out with Jassie after work & had a good time.

Saturday (it's today)
Work - nothing special. Finishing my task but somehow I have to wait till Monday to complete all pending tasks.
Went out with Mom, Ira n Ajib after work...we've gotta get all those materials for my brother's wedding. We're making our own dais so there's a lot of work to do. I'm really tired and my feet hurt like hell. NVM, at least we've got one thing done.

I wanna put some pictures of our shopping spree, but I'm just plain lazy rite now. I need a good rest to recharge my batteries.

I longed to fall asleep and wake up late on the next day.

Gawd, I really AM tired!

C ya!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ku Susun Sepuluh Jari...


Dah seminggu blog ini tidak berupdate.

Malam ini saya update. Promise!

Tak pun...tengah malam hampir ke awal pagi ke...

Kena tunggu giliran lor kalau nak guna computer kat rumah. Beginilah nasib orang bersiblings ramai...dan emaknyer sekali gila internet (FB especially).

Harap bersabar.

Sementara itu, kita minum duluuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!

C ya!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Masih entry masak memasak..

Bersemangat pula mengupdate pasal masak memasak yer...
X per la bukan selalu, sesekali jer..
Actually I'm supposed to update this yesterday but I was busy doing something else.

Okay here goes my update...

Once again saya menjadi chef di hujung minggu. Kebetulan my grandma datang singgah sekejap sebab ada urusan dengan my mom (related to my brother punya wedding). Terus lah saya menjemput drg makan di rumah...

Saya masak ikan sambal n kubis masak lemak. Plan awal nak masak Asam Pedas tapi ada sesuatu yg menyebabkan saya tukar resepi.

Mom cakap ini ikan siakap. Saya x berapa tau nama2 ikan ni. Sy x berapa gemar membersihkan ikan jenis bersisik macam ni...I hate fish scales! Seriously! Bukan geli yer...tapi benci sebab mengotorkan ruang. We bought this fish from Fishmobile (penjual ikan bergerak) jadi xder perkhidmatan membersihkan ikan disitu.

Setelah berhempas pulas membuang sisik, isi perutnya dan setelah di potong, saya perap ikan ini untuk di goreng.

Tadaaaaa...suddenly dah siap masak. X menyempat snap2 masa memasak.

Kobis masak lemak...yum!

Inilah bendanya yang menyebabkan saya tukar resepi...buah bambangan!!! Sungguh enak dibuat sambal pedas2.

Senang jer buat sambal bambangan ni...ala2 sambal mangga gitu tapi bahan2 dia lagi basic. Belacan, cili padi, bambangan, garam & gula. Kupas, hiris n lenyekkan bambangan tu, tumbuk belacan n cili, then campak dalam mangkuk, gaul rata semua sekali.

Hasilnya jadi mcm ni...owh, sungguh syedaaaappppp!

Kalau di KK ni mmg banyak bambangan tapi klu di semenanjung aku x pasti ada ke x benda ni.

Okay itu saja update untuk kali ini. Esok2 saya update lagi ya...that is, klu saya rajin..heheh..

C ya!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let's Have Dinner!

As I've mentioned in my previous post minutes ago, today it's my turn masak dinner. Mom teringin makan Sambal Udang Petai Bilis. Sebagai anak yang baik dan mendengar kata ibu (katanya...) saya pun akur....

Tapi susah giler nak cari petai fresh! Nak x nak terpaksa pakai petai dalam tin. Iye...petai pun dah di tinkan sekarang ni. But so far only satu brand je yg mengetinkan petai. Ke...ada brand lain tapi I x tau?

I use this brand. Dah ini je yang ada kat Supermarket tu...

Bahan2 nya
*Tiada dalam gambar - lada kering kisar & bawang besar

Tumis apa2 yang perlu. Aaah...korang mesti tau punya lah.

Dah masak, belum angkat jer lagi.

Mak snap sendiri noks, xder photographer nak disuruh menggambar aksi2 mak memasak. Makanya tetiba keluar gambar lauk dah siap.

Siap lauknya, masak sayur pulak. X payah la elaborate cara masak sayur, bebudak pun pandai aper...

Paparazzi snap gambar gua potong sayur...tapi ini jer la gambar yang dia sudi ambik. Agaknya ngeri tengok aksi gua memasak kot?

Hasil masakan saya petang tadi....sayur Bok Choy tumis telur, udang sambal petai bilis, ikan masin terubuk goreng & ayam merah (lauk tgh hari di panaskan sajork)

Portion orang kebulur (gua punya la tu)

Kan aku dah cakap...kebulur + buruk lantak kalau lauk udang...fedulik aah!!!!

Muka gumbira kekenyangan

Aksi kenyang yang terlampau...

Waah...beta sungguh puas hati! Puas hati! Hohohohohohooh!!!!
Matik la melampau sungguh reaction itu...

Tapi selepas ini kalau nak membuang Number 1 atau Number 2 atau melepaskan angin tersepit, sendiri mau ingat lor!

Esok pun saya akan buat entry makan2 lagi. And hari2 yang seterusnya kalau mood mengizinkan.

Owh...I will miss baby Tasha...dia ngan mak paknyer balik rumah drg ari ni. Next weekend baru tido sini lagi.

Ala...cian my sweetie pie dah tertido...

She grew up so fast! Dah masuk 6 bulan ko yer...alhamdulillah so far she's a healthy baby. Pintar banget and cepat tangkap. Hopefully berterusan sampai dewasa hendaknya...AMIN!

Udah dulu ya, saya mau melayan FB.

C ya!

A Party(?)

Today merupakan last day bagi our trainee Phyllis. Dia buat practical kat ofis saya selama 2 bulan and hari ini secara rasminya berakhirlah 'penderitaan' beliau...

Mangsa keadaan yang gumbira

She's a good girl, however ada juga masa2nya dia bikin hati gua geram and maklum saya ini bukan orang yang penyabar ye...and sangat x sesuai kalau mengajar orang. And Phyllis for me agak slow to digest apa yg saya ajarkan. Fresh from college katanya...lumrah ler kan kalau lambat sikit. Selalu jugak saya marah kat dia tapi bukan marah membabi buta yer. Saya marah/tegur seadanya. Alhamdulillah she took it as a leraning experience.

Selama saya berkecimpung dalam line tourism ni, adalah beberapa kali I trained all those interns. Yes saya memang stern dlm melatih interns ya...coz in the real world they'll be facing people yang macam2 character so they have to build up their confidence dari awal. Kalau dah confident, senang nak berhadapan dengan segala kemungkinan, x kira buruk atau baik.

Anyways, back to our farewell little 'party' for Phyllis. Actually mak keliru nak guna perkataan party tu sebab in my definition party ni melibatkan ramai orang but it's only 5 of us so I dunno if it counts as party or not. Belasah je la yer...

I am so malas nak letak caption. Layan jer gambar2 kat bawah ni:-

Ming Chun & Danielle

My 1st round

2nd round

Me & Phyllis. Sila abaikan spare tyre yang kelihatan itu

Christy & Phyllis & my thumb

So...begitulah ceritanya party tengah hari tadi. Owh, makanan kami di taja oleh Ming Chun (manager).

Good luck to Phyllis, semoga sukses selalu and I will mail you those pics soon.

*sebenarnya dah ngong x tau nak tulis mende*****

And actually I wanna kasi masuk sekali entry masak2 (my turn to cook for dinner today) but then decided to break it up to two entries instead. Kaedahnya one story, one entry (iya la tu...).

Bersambung...(*closing memang hampeh)