Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Conquering My FEAR

Here's me posing with my Uncle's Honda Shadow. Because of this bike, my uncle and aunt (newly married), dubbed as Awie & Erra. Actually I nearly wet my pants when I sat on this bike. Yes, I'm scared of motorbike! I took picture with this monster to get this phobia out of my system once and for all.
I remembered years ago when my dad bought a motorbike for my bro, I thought I'd take it for a ride. Well, tried to cause I don't know how to pandu motor at that time (I'm still clueless till now). So, I started the engine asked my bro 'What's next?' Without warning, he go and pulas the handle, I think the one yang contol minyak tu and the bike went vrooooommmm...crashing straight to our pagar. Yang bestnya, I'm still ON the bike. Terkejut beruk you! Nasib baik the only eye witness to that embarassing scene is my 'clever' brother (which is still as bad cause he mocked me about this until now). So to cut the story short, I don't have the nerve to ride on motorbike eversince (and will never want to. Posing on it for pictures is acceptable, but that's as fas as I can go). I'll stick to car or public transportation.
Kissy kissy, till next time

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Baby Story

You know, it's amazing that almost all of my married colleague are now pregnant! Started with our Account Manager, Chua, followed by my Section head, Zaiton, berjangkit pulak to my Director, Jenny and the latest pregnant lady is my bestfriend Wan Azlyna yang baru je kahwin last December. Habis la, berturut-turut maternity leave diorang.

Sekarang ni kat office takde lain topik lagi dah. Asal lunch break aje, cerita baby and labour. Biasa le tu, tak sabar nak ada baby baru. Kitorang yang masih maintain ni jadi tukang dengar aje. Kesian jugak kat Pat, my other colleague. Masa Wan announce that she's pregnant, muka Pat nampak sedih sangat. Up to now mood dia macam tak berapa best, asyik monyok aje. Ye lah, orang yang baru kahwin dah mengandung, dia yang dah 2 tahun kahwin belum ada tanda nak pregnant. Apa nak buat, takde rezeki. Sabar aje la.

When I told my mom about all the pregnant woman in my office, she said 'Good for them. Their mom must be so happy. Yang aku ni tak tau bila nak rasa timang cucu. Bila laaaa kau nak kahwin?'. Oh. my. God! Not again! I've been harrassed by this question before, but since my aunt got married last year at the age of 30, this particular question became more and more annoying. Not only from my mom, but from my whole family. Since I am the eldest niece of both side, I understand their eagerness to see me tie the knot, but why cant they understand (and I'm sick of saying this) that I've not met 'The One' for me. Don't get me wrong, I do have boyfriends before, but I don't feel my heart goes 'boingggg' with them. Yes, I loved them but I don't think I love them enough to think about marriage. Conclusion is: They're not THE ONE for me. If they are, my heart will leap like a sumo wrestler bouncing on trampoline. Don't ask me how I know coz I just knew it would.

Memilih? Of course! Ingat kahwin ni benda remeh? This is a lifetime commitment we're talking about. It's also my future, which allows me to be picky and choosy. I want to be married to someone who could provide me in all aspect. By saying this, I know mesti ada yang salah faham dan fikir yang I ni tak kisah lelaki jenis apa pun, laki orang ke, tua bangka ke, yang penting ada duit. Well, for those who knew me well, they know I'm not that stupid. I ada akal yang dipinjamkan Allah, so I know what's best for me. Tak kisah la kalau ada yang nak kutuk or disagree with me. This is my opinion. Lantaklah, suka ke tak suka yang penting I'm honest and tak hipokrit.

I really, really hate the phrase 'ulat dalam batu pun boleh hidup' or 'wang tak penting asalkan ada kasih sayang'. Zaman 'Ibu Mertuaku' dulu boleh la. Even in the film itself shows that kalau takde duit, macam-macam boleh jadi. Sampai Sabariah pun lari sebab Kassim Selamat takde duit. Padahal masa bercinta dulu dia tak pandang pun semua tu. For me, wang dan kasih sayang mesti seimbang.

That is why I'm still single at the age of almost 29. I'm still searching for someone yang dapat memenuhi kriteria yang I cari. But whatever it is, I also believe in jodoh. Maybe I tak dapat apa yang I cari. Maybe I dapat someone yang totally opposite. Who knows kan? Anyway, when there's a will, there's a way. Apa-apa pun, kita tunggu dan lihat cause yang merancang kita, yang mengkabulkan Allah SWT. Insya Allah....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

First Post Intro

I'm so lucky to be born as a 'rojak'. My dad is half Jawa, half Pakistani, mom is half Chinese, half Kadazan. I get to celebrate Hari Raya, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Ka'amatan, and I am really grateful for that advantages. The disadvantage of celebrating four festive season in a year is, I always have to fight with my HR department everytime I apply for leave *sigh*. Oh well, I don't care cause my leave approved anyway :)

Actually, I'm still pretty tired after Chinese New Year's celebration at my grandparent's house. As usual, I'll be slaving away in the kitchen, preparing foods for 'our side' (muslims), and my Uncle Ong preparing foods for 'their side' (non-muslims). Not to worry, cause we have two separate kitchen. My grandparents knew very well about 'halal' and 'haram'. Oh, and we have additional family member this year - my aunt's hubby, Pakcik Boo. This is his first time celebrating Chinese New Year with us.

I guess I'll tell you about CNY celebration in my next post. My eyelids are begging me to close them and my pillows are calling my name and singing me lullabies. Until then, see ya!