Monday, December 10, 2007

Another Horrid Weekend...(kisah malang yang belum habis!)

Hola peeps!

This weekend is pretty hellish for me. I HAVE (sengaja I put capital letters untuk menampakkan keterpaksaan) to work overtime on Saturday to assist on some matter yang tidak ada kena mengena pun dengan aku. However, oleh kerana aku ni such a good employee aku pun malas nak berkira and tolong mana yang mampu. ‘It’s only gonna take about an hour or so’, they said. Yes, it’s true that the ‘real work’ could be done in an hour. Tapi with all the waiting..and waiting…and waiting…finally habis jam 4 petang. Itu pun belum lunch lagi tau. Me, Yuyu and Yee Ming sampai shivering kelaparan..nak drive pun tak larat so si Animae yang drive us up to nearby Pizza Hut. Ordered Combo meal – 3 personal pan pizza + 1 spaghetti (Animae x makan Pizza)I don’t really fancy Pizza Hut’s pizza, so aku cuma dapat telan 1 small pieces of Super Supreme and 1 small piece of Thai Chicken Pizza. Taste-wise? Boooleh laaa….

After our shitty nice meal we made a move back to office. Tapi aku terus balik. Letih siut! Terbayang keempukan katil ku itu...cannot wait to get home and rest. YET another shitty thing happened. I’VE GOTTA FLAT TYRE!!! Bukan setakat flat, terkoyak carik hancus terus trye aku. I don’t know how it happened and it doesn’t make any sense because aku baru ganti tyre tu about a week ago! (or maybe 2 weeks ago, aku tak ingat). It’s an original tyre so aku tak tau apa masalahnya. To be honest, aku dah broke sekarang. I can’t afford to get a new tyre. So for this few days until pay day (which is just a few days away) I’ll go back to my old routine – naik bas. Nak harap dorang tolong beli tyre baru? Huh, mintak maaf bebanyak. Semua aku kena tanggung sendiri (tapi kalau nak meminjam tak ingat pulak yer).

Saturday nite pula, tetiba dapat call from Animae, informing me about my transaction with FWW ada problem and have to cancel malam tu juga. Hampir2 aku pengsan! Okay, I admit memang part of it was my fault. Cuma aku geram dengan cara Animae explain that thing to me, seolah-olah it’s the end of my career. It makes me feel bad all day and nite. Thank goodness I’ve fixed my fault and being a professional, I managed to control the situation with FWW’s representative. And this morning I went straight to my boss to clear things up before anyone could stain my name. Oops…I did not elaborate any story to save my bottom okay! I don’t mind admitting my mistake IF in fact I was wrong. BUT I will fight ardently if I was right.

Overall, aku rasa aku macam di sumpah aje over the weekend…huhuhuhuhu!

Till next post, TataTitiTutu

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Kisah Seorang Emo...

Semenjak dua menjak ni aku jadi 'bad emo'. Asyik nak mengaaaaaaaaaamuk je. Pantang salah sikit I'll scream and shout. Kesian those people around me, tak pasal2 kena amuk. Ntah lah, my emotions seems to go haywire.

Actually aku emo bersebab. Sebabnya terlalu sukar untuk aku explain. In short - 'Aku Saja Yang Tahu'.

I don't like this. It has to go away.

Syuh! Syuuuuh!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I'm not in a very good mood. I hate it when I'm sad. Feel like going back and curl up in my bed...shut the lights out...roll my curtains down and fall into a very deep sleep. I wanna wake up with a free mind...forget all my problems. I want this pain to go far that it won't reach me anymore.

I wanna feel happy and loved again if I could...but it's seems so far from my reach.

GOD, my life is a mess!

I need a break.......

Saturday, December 1, 2007

First Saturday...

Today is the first working Saturday for us at AHSB RAC. The ill-brained people management decided that we, their slaves precious employee MUST work on Saturday as well. No choice lor...kerja lor...apa boley buat.

The thing is,


Sial! Sial! Siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!



Till next post, TataTitiTutu!