Saturday, November 13, 2010

15 yrs....

*This entry was supposed to be posted yesterday. I could only post it today due to unforeseen circumstances*

Hari ini, 12 November 2010.
Hari ini 15 tahun Baba meninggalkan dunia ini. X pernah sehari pun saya melupakan Baba. Dan x pernah sehari pun saya x merindui Baba. Especially bila saya dilanda masalah. Hati saya bagaikan di carik carik mengenangkan Baba yang sudah tiada.

Sekarang saya hanya mampu menangis setiap kali kerinduan dan ingatan semakin kuat, disamping itu mendoakan dan menyedekahkan Al-Fatihah untuk arwah Baba. Rindunya saya hanya Allah yang tahu.

Tapi saya harungi hidup seperti biasa. Kuatkan hati untuk menghadapi apa jua cabaran dan masalah yang datang. Saya buat semua ini untuk keluarga. Kalau saya jadi frail & weak apa pun x akan jadi. Dan saya tahu Baba x mahu anak dia jadi frail & weak. So untuk itu saya kuatkan semangat. All for my family.

Wish You Were Here....

Fifteen years have passed
I’ll never forget the day
Someone rang to tell me
That you’d gone away

The hurt is the same
Like an open wound
There are days
I don’t utter a sound

Some days the pain is stronger
It makes me sick and weak
I can’t stand this much longer
I just sit here and weep

I’ve shut my private door
And let no one in
Locking myself in a box
They try, but I won’t give in

You were like a rock
Strong, faithful and true
What worth has my life
Now I don’t have you

I was your first born
Daddy’s little girl
I took my own path
But was still part of your world

I was not the best
Guilty of neglect
But you know daddy dearest
I had so much respect

I always loved you
My dad, my star
Now my pain is
To worship you from afar

I love you now
As I did back then
I just hope... one day
I will see you again

I am so proud of you
Brave and strong to the end
Now when asked “how are you?”
There is no need to pretend

We all love and miss you so much, sleep well
and take care of all who went before you

Forever in my heart...

Al Fatihah buat Arwah Baba...Azni bin Abdul Hamid....